Details! Details!

I love window shopping. My favorite thing to do when I go to the city is stroll the streets looking in the store windows to see how they’ve displayed whatever item-of-the-week they are proffering for pleasure. To that end one of my favorite movies used to be Mannequin (don’t judge) and I loved when they dressed the store windows after coming up with a delightful theme. When I was 13 my grandparents took me to NYC to see the Radio City Music Hall Christmas show and afterwards we walked up and down 5th Ave ogling the store fronts and being typical tourists. I had been to NYC before several times but this particular time really made an impression on me. It still is my favorite trip to the city although recent ones have come close to comparing. These trips spawned a great appreciation for detail. For those little things that people think of that make you say “oh!”.

As much as I love window shopping I am even more of a geek when it comes to wedding styling and details.  There are so many crafts and DIY things showing up at weddings that I love to spend time photographing. It surprises the heck out of me that  I didn’t consider the details at my own wedding. I was so consumed with the timeline and  seating arrangements that I didn’t really think about doing any crafts. Although, weddings have changed a lot since I got married nearly 10 years ago! And now we have Pinterest (seriously, don’t judge) and entire blogs dedicated just to wedding and event styling!

I went through some of my past weddings and pulled some of my favorite detail shots for your viewing pleasure!

Details don’t have to be small! How about renting a double-decker and bringing along your own bagpipe musician?


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