Dry Spell and Strawberry Jam

Whoa. Long time no type.

Hold up a minute and let me try to wrap my brain around this whole blogging thing again….

Okay. Got it.

So I know that ya’ll [we'll get to that word in a minute] never want to hear how busy someone is so I won’t say it. But f’real. These last three months have flown by.

Let’s catch up real quick:

On March 1st we completed our relocation from MA to FL after we bought a home in Central Florida. Holla! So now let’s talk about ya’ll. No, not really you all, but the word ya’ll. Since I am officially a resident of the south (my license and the $800 the State of FL charged me for new registration makes this true) I wanted to try out the word. So far, it’s not rolling off my tongue but give it time. Eventually we’ll get to “Sugah”. Mmmkay? Oh, and I’ve been informed that we are to pronounce the state as “Flah-rid-ah” not “Floor-ida”, der.

Moving on. Let’s just say from March until now my head has been buried in boxes and taking care of my family. I am finally at the point of coming up for air and I’m refocusing my efforts on my business. I got legit this week when I snagged my official ticket to operate business (aka state tax payer id, and county business tax license as well as submission guidelines) in Florida. I ran home and hung out my shingle, now I’m just waitin’ on customers!

This weekend is the official start to summer here in FL and I am so ready for it!

As for the photo above? I’m really loving the Flah-rid-ah climate and I’m REALLY loving that strawberry season was in full swing last month and I was able to make some strawberry jam. Why is this important? It’s not, it just makes me happy. That is all.

This post marks the official end of my dry spell and I’ll be back next week to share some images from the weekend.

Enjoy your holiday!!!!

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