Alison & Jeff – Zukas Hilltop Barn, Spencer, MA

August 5, 2011

The moment they met the attraction was instant. But the timing was wrong. College and other commitments separated these two but when stars aligned these two lovebirds knew it had been worth the wait.

I met Alison a few years ago when I became friends with her older sister. We were in college and Alison was still in highschool. I watched her grow through pictures and occasional family gatherings. When I was told she was engaged I was thrilled for her. When they told me that they planned to have me shoot their wedding, well, I was ecstatic.

I had only met Jeff one time in passing but when I spent a little time with them last October shooting their engagement pictures I knew they were perfect for each other. They adore each other and they compliment each other like tomato soup and grilled cheese. Comforting and flavorful at the same time.  Alison and Jeff tied the knot at St. Mary’s Queen of the Rosary church in Spencer, MA and celebrated their marriage at the bucolic Zukas Hilltop Barn.

And a very special thank you goes to my friend April without whose assistance shooting this wedding I would not have had nearly as much fun. XXOO

Drumroll please…. here is a sampling of their day:

I did say Zukas was bucolic right? F’real…

This wedding venue is tucked into the hills of Spencer, MA and maintains a rustic feel throughout the property.

The bride spent her morning at Zukas getting hair and makeup done. The property was so peaceful it was impossible not to relax and just enjoy the morning. Everyone was so calm and fun to be with.

Meanwhile at the hotel the groom and his groomsmen got dressed and had a little fun joking around with April while she took photos of their morning.

Back at Zukas it was almost time to get dressed. The style of Alison’s dress had been kept secret but I heard it had a vintage flair to it. I adore this dress and wish I could get married again so I could wear one like it!

This ring is very special to Alison and her family. Alison’s grandmother inherited several diamond rings from her brother. Through the years when her grandaughter’s and nieces graduated high school they were each given a diamond ring. Not many girls get to wear diamond’s, never mind two diamond rings!

And here is the past, present and future ring given to Alison by Jeff when he professed his forever love for her and asked for her hand in marriage.

I am so happy I caught Alison’s reaction just after stepping into her wedding dress. Her face says everything, excitement, happiness and a touch of nerves. Emotions every bride feels on their wedding day.

So sweet and so grown up. Alison you are absolutely beautiful. I could take your pictures all day long. Well, actually I did.

Finally it was time for the ceremony. Everyone piled into the limo and headed to St. Mary’s. Alison’s dad did his best to keep his emotions in check but having been blessed with three daughters it was plain to me how much he loves each one of them and how hard it is to give one up.

The ceremony was quite interesting. But finally the priest announced the couple husband and wife and they sealed the deal with a kiss.

Leaving the church amidst honking and cheering by passersby.

Alas we were left to our own devices for pictures of the couple together. I’ll tell you what, nothing could have parted these two after the ceremony. They were so into each other they couldn’t take their eyes off each other.

Well, maybe I could get them apart for a minute and let Jeff push Alison on the swing.

I had to put this shot into the post because the bond between these sisters is strong. They seem to know what each other is thinking and respond without having to be told. They laugh at each others corny jokes and tease each other over other things.

This is a pose gone wrong. I had an idea, it didn’t work out but that totally doesn’t matter because this face is priceless. I would have this pose bomb every time if can get a shot like this.

One last bit of fun before the reception. We had made our way around the grounds and were preparing to head up to the reception hall when the music started playing.  So a little twirl was in order.

Then we headed into the reception and after introductions it was time for their first dance.

Alison’s Grammy made her wedding cake. The best cake. Ever. Period. Light and sweet and so full of love.

At the end of the night a classic song came on. The Time of My Life from the movie Dirty Dancing. As everyone cheered I realized the bride and groom were performing the actual dance from the movie. I had no idea they had learned the choreography.

Everyone was so excited when they did “The Lift” a collective cheer nearly blew the roof off the tent. What a fun way to end the night and leave everyone wishing the party would go longer.

Alison and Jeff, I couldn’t be more thrilled that you chose me as your photographer to laugh with you and share your wedding day. I look forward to continuing to watch you both grow and build a lasting foundation in your marriage.  Congratulations.

  • August 27, 2011 - 4:34 pm

    Susan - Words connot express how happy these pictures make my heart! Jessica, I’m so glad you were able to not only share in my family’s/Alison’s special day but having you there seriously made all the difference. Your professionalism was superb. Your ability to wrangle in a LOT of rowdy guests, amazing. I can not wait to see all the pictures. Just seeing what you’ve posted above is only the tip of your incredibly talented iceberg :)

    Seriously people, book this hot up and coming photographer!! She’s “da bomb” and makes the day so fun! What skill and ability she has can only get better and better!ReplyCancel

  • August 27, 2011 - 11:18 pm

    Brian - Great job Jess! Beautiful images!ReplyCancel

  • August 28, 2011 - 8:46 pm

    Alison - Edmund’s dropping me! Edmund’s dropping me!! With the smile he has in that picture he is obviously not very concerned.

    Thank you so much!ReplyCancel

  • August 29, 2011 - 4:23 pm

    Joanne - Gorgeous pictures. Having been a guest, you certainly captured their perfect day that we shared with them.ReplyCancel

  • September 7, 2011 - 9:26 am

    April - Absolutely gorgeous!! Love, love, love the one of the 3 sisters…just perfect.ReplyCancel

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