Monica & Gary – Fenway Park, Boston, MA

May 1, 2011

She blew him off when he asked for her number via My Space. Well, sort of. Monica and Gary met through a mutual friend. Monica and Gary, the bass player forStare Down the Sun, started to get to know each other when they would see each other at bars where Gary’s band, or another local band would play. When they finally “saw” each other neither had a pen or a cell phone to take each others number down. Gary, not to be dissuaded, found Monica on My Space, and after a bit of back and forth communication they finally “hung out”. Monica, unsure of the intentions of this handsome musician, gave Gary a chance and they continued to hang out. Now, exactly one year from the day Gary proposed to Monica at Fenway Park, they are back with their friends and family, and 37,079 witnesses, to exchange their vows and profess their love for each other.  I was fortunate enough to meet Monica while I was photographing Gary’s band. Monica and Gary I am so honored that you asked me to share your day with you from start to finish. I had more fun than I ever could have imagined and I look forward to staying in touch with you.

We started out the day with a couples photo session before heading to the Fenway. We found some beautiful spots behind the Museum of Fine arts and in the Back Bay Fens.

Gary gave me a little GQ….

Monica, all I have to say is RAWWWWR…..

Spring was in full swing and everything was so colorful and romantic… perfect for a wedding day

We stayed on the lookout for pretty light and found it in between some classic brownstones.

We made our way to Fenway and after a quick wardrobe change Monica and Gary were ready to tie the knot:

Did you notice the numbers on their shirts pair up to make 2011?

Some girls drool over the perfect high heel for their day. Monica, drooled over the perfect pair of Red Chucks. She also mentioned an affinity for the crunch of peanut shells under her feet during the games. I also did my best to get a group shot of the 30 seats that were filled with the friends and family who shared the day with Monica and Gary.

Finally, after the last out of the third inning it was time. Monica and Gary tied the knot in front of 37, 079 fans who cheered and even traded seats to allow friends and family to closer to the couple. This folks, shows the true comradery of Red Sox Nation.

Now I need a little help deciding what the most exciting part of the day was. Getting married at Fenway, or the fact that:

Or maybe letting those pretty red kicks get red clay dust from the warning track on them. Oh yes, we got to go on the field. A rare occurrence at Fenway:

Or…. maybe it could be getting interviewed by the Red Sox media team?

No? Well surely the most exciting thing had to be getting on the big screen?

No matter what it was a wonderful day and these darling cupcakes only made it that much sweeter:

Now of course you wouldn’t be allowed to travel without notifying every other driver on the Pike that this bus carried elated newlyweds:

Monica and Gary you guys showed everyone what it means to truly love each other and make your day unique and all your own. I wish you the best in your marriage and in life. Cheers and GO RED SOX!!!!!

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