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March 22, 2011

I recently had an unexpected day off with just my daughter. This is such a rarity I knew we needed to do something for just us girls. So we headed to the mall for a little shopping and people watching. My daughter didn’t seem all that excited on the drive there, I think she assumed we were just doing every day errands. ┬áBut once inside she started getting into the idea of just leisurely walking around stores. Especially if it meant she could play with her friend in the mirror.

After spending a little time in the stores we went back out into the mall and came across a mini donut shop. It’s probably been there for a year but I really haven’t spent any time in the mall just looking around.

I gave my daughter a donut and she absolutely loved it. She probably spent 15 minutes trying to pick up the sprinkles and put them back on the donut. Then she finally gave up and just enjoyed the treat.

And you know it wouldn’t be a girls trip to the mall without stopping at the shoe store just to play?!

"But moooommm, I really want these ones!"

Oh, and did I mention there is a Pottery Barn in the mall now?? Golly, I could spend an entire day in there swooning over the delightful details in their displays!

I mean really, how adorable are these little tea pot napkin weights? And these grass bunnies for easter? SO sweet.

All this browsing in the dining section of the Barn really made me ready for some:

How about some fresh steak quesadillas? Mmmmmmm!!! Yum.

And one last stop to make sure we are on trend with the latest (well, more like one of the oldest) fashions in head wear. Nothing like a white Fedora to perk up a drab wardrobe right MJ?

Back to the car and home to pick up Big Brother at daycare. We were both tuckered but I think she got the better deal being able to take a nap on the way home:)

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